Paypal Casinos: A Matter of Security and Convenience

Playing online games for real money was considered extremely unwise and dangerous mainly because there weren’t any safe ways for making deposits and withdrawals. This was prior to the revolution of the social media and the Internet, when the online casino industry was in its infancy. Today, online gambling is as safe as shopping online and it is highly regulated in order to ensure that players are protected and can process payments safely. One of the safe and popular payment services, if not the most popular, is Paypal. It is currently present in nearly 200 countries and players can fund their accounts using 26 different currencies. Not all online casinos accept Paypal as a deposit method, but you’ll find it with the best ones.

The Best Paypal Casinos for UK Players

888 Casino is one of the oldest and longest standing online operators. Established in 1997, today it maintains a player base of several million members. In order to make Paypal deposits at 888 you need to be a registered member. All new real-money customers are entitled to a nice welcome bonus of £100. All you have to do is click on the Cashier tab and choose Deposit, after which you can select it among the many options offered. There are simple on-screen instructions and you will be over in minutes. Deposits are always instant, and by the time you get to refresh the Cashier page, your casino balance will already be updated with the amount deposited.

Eurogrand is committed to provide efficient and safe online payment options, that are hassle free, reputable and widespread, which in the end has led them to include Paypal as a top deposit method. Deposits are instant, of course. Withdrawals take up to one day to be processed, which is a standard pending period with every casino, but in practice this time period is usually a couple of hours. Besides that, Eurogrand rewards players for using Paypal with 15% extra on their deposit. That comes on top of the 100% match bonus when you join.

Bet365 is another reputable betting operator that allows instant Paypal transactions. They are free and you don’t have to pay any fees. The minimum deposit that you can make at Bet365 using this method is £20. The operator maintains high deposit limits, so you may fund your player account with up to £10,000. For safety reasons if you want your money to be accepted, your Paypal account has to be registered to the same name as your Bet365 account. You’ll receive a 100% match welcome bonus, which can be up to £100. You can use your real-money and bonus funds to play games provided by Playtech, NetEnt, Betsoft and other great software developers. The casino features different welcome offers for fans of different games and for high rollers. If you want to learn more about bonuses, here is our interesting article about them.

Why Are There So Few Casinos that Offer Paypal?

First of all, Paypal was nowhere to be found as a payment option in online casinos in the past. Only in the last couple of years operators began to implement it as a method for safe deposits. Because Paypal also chooses its partners, you will notice that not every gaming website features it. As a matter of fact, it can be seen as a criterion of how reputable a provider is.

As the years passed, online casinos proved to be highly reputable enterprises that mean serious business, so in the end they became interesting for Paypal. Besides that, most probably the management realised that as these operations evolve they’ll grow in popularity and prosper, and so, they wanted a slice of the cake, too. As a result, players are those that benefit the most, because they get can use a payment option which is one of the biggest and widespread money transferring services at the reputable online gaming sites.

Interesting Details about the Company

. Company name: PayPal Inc. . Founders: Elon Musk, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Peter Thiel . Headquarters: San José (CA) . Regulated by: Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), Luxemburg . Customers: over 230 million
. Parent company: eBay Inc. CEO: Dan Schulman . Founded in: 1998 . Coverage: 193 countries . Currencies: 26

Advantages and Popularity of Paypal

People who have never used Paypal are probably wondering why it is so popular and why so many people use it. Little do they know how simple and secure it is and that it is accepted virtually everywhere. Yet, to be more specific, we must mention some of the many advantages of using Paypal. One of the main and most important strengths is that your credit card is safe. Its details can never be stolen by some hacker from the merchant where you’ve used your Paypal account, as when people use their credit cards to make purchases directly. This is because it uses security measures of the highest standards.

In addition, you can set up multiple cards and bank accounts from where you can fund your Paypal account, and that way every card you have and every bank account you own is at one place, which adds significant flexibility instead of separately using your sources of cash. You don’t have to use it only for depositing at online casinos, because you can use it for buying stuff online or instantly sending money to your relatives or friends. Instead of using other money transfer services such as Western Union where the fees are high, you can do that free of charge.

Let me add a word or two about your ability to manage your Paypal account. They offer brilliant native apps for iOS and Android. You are in control wherever you go. And did you know that the company sponsors lots of discounts at various online merchants just for using it for making a payment? The conclusion is that by using that service you can save a lot of money and time, and all you have to do is make several clicks.

Safety Measures for the Payment Process

It is a fact that Paypal was and still is one of the most secure platforms for making online transactions. More than a decade has passed and it is still the leader in online payments. During that time the service has been constantly improved and updated, which is a never-ending process. You may check them and learn more on They are able to intercept an issue before it even comes to life. Thanks to their technology, frauds can be easily prevented, or any suspicious activity stopped. The security team involves more than 2,000 professionals working on that technology every day. All Paypal transactions are reviewed with their security models and are safeguarded with a state-of-the-art SSL 3.0 technology with 168-bit encryption. All sensitive information is automatically encrypted. The data is stored both electronically and physically, and it is heavily guarded.

Paypal is the method of choice for online payments

All you need to do when using Paypal, whether for making a deposit at an online casino cashier, or for buying something from online merchants, is to fill-in your email address and password for your Paypal account. You are prompted to enter them in order to log in to the service and complete the transaction. Depending on the online merchant, you will have to either select the method from a list, or click on the dedicated button as it is on eBay. In the case of online casinos, the method will be available in the Cashier. You will be done in a minute.

Prices and Fees for Transactions

The majority of online casinos do not have processing fees for e-wallet deposits and withdrawals such as those made with Paypal. (source: On the contrary, in many cases there are small bonuses/discounts for them ranging between 10% and 15% as in the case of Eurogrand. The only fees that you’ll have to pay are those that are imposed by the service itself.

Paypal does not charge users for setting up an account or for maintaining it. There is a standard fee for receiving payments, or withdrawals, in the case of casinos. It is calculated on the basis of the total amount that you’ve received during a particular month. The highest fee is for amounts below €2,500. So, if your overall withdrawals during the month are in the range of €1 and €2,500, you will have to pay €0.35 plus 3.4% of the amount per each transaction. If you have received more than €2,500 by making withdrawals, the percentage gets smaller.