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Your privacy is a very important issue for Schwarz&Kirillov Ltd., the owner of this website. By using this site, you declare that you agree with our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change these provisions at any time and without notice. We collect personal information about visitors to our website such as your name or e-mail on a voluntary basis. However, you can easily use without specification of sensitive data. Your personal data are protected in accordance with the rules of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU e-Privacy Directive 2002/58. We will not offer them to any third party without having your written consent for it. We constantly strive to protect your privacy. Please note that Our Company bears no responsibility for damage which may have arisen from vulnerabilities in data transmission.

Privacy Statement for the Use of Cookies

Schwarz&Kirillow Ltd. may use the services of Google Analytics to improve the functionality of the website. Google Analytics uses “cookies” to collect information about visitor behaviour. Cookies are small files that are stored on your PC and create a profile of your surfing habits. They don’t collect any personal information, but only anonymous data such as number of interactions on the website or the date and duration of the visit. Usually, these data are stored on a Google server in the USA. By using our site, you represent that you agree with the storage of data by cookies. If you don’t want to allow cookies, you can disable their acceptance in your own browser. Note, however, that after disabling cookies, some of the functionalities of this website may not be available. Cookies that are already stored on your PC can always be found and deleted.

Privacy Statement for the Use of Social Media

On our site are included different social plugins. By integrating the so-called Social Buttons data are transmitted to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In this way, a direct link between you and your profile is enabled. However, we point out that we do not receive information on the use of such data by the social media. In order to prevent the disclosure of such data, you can unsubscribe from your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account before visiting Further information about it can be found in the privacy policies of those sites.