Top 9 Asked Questions and Their Answers

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When there weren’t many helpful resources where players could find out things they needed to know about playing at online casinos, it was a lot harder to make a decision where to sign up. Moreover, if you are a newcomer into the field, that can mean a lot of confusion and many unanswered questions until you get the hang of it the hard way. That is why we set up this page featuring the nine most frequently asked questions about casinos on the Internet and the answers to them. You may use the form to the right or email us your query, too.

  1. Are the Casino Games Offered Online Fair?

    The software that casinos use is regularly tested. Independent agencies certify the completely random outcomes of the games offered. The Random Number Generator used by the operators is subject to strict inspections. Agencies issue reports and certificates in that connection. Each month, the payout rates are also published. They show how fair a casino is regarding its payouts. All that is an ongoing process and these testing agencies work closely with the online casinos in order to make sure that the best industry standards are met. Of course, this is not the case with irresponsible or illegal casinos. Reputable operators, however, are fully licensed and reliable. The casinos we review here are definitely of good standing. Anyway, if the casino software is provided by a renowned development company, everything should be OK.

  2. What I Need to Do to Play Games of Luck on the Internet?

    In essence, all you need is a computer or a laptop, internet connection and some gaming skills. Nowadays, you don’t even need to sit at your PC, because you can do that using your Android, iOS, or Blackberry device. The first thing to do is sign up with an online casino of your choice. If you do not, you will be able to play the games only in fun mode, and even that is not allowed with all operators. Registering a casino account is possible via their website or in their download platform. After you have set up your profile, the next step towards playing casino games for real money is to make a deposit. That is easily accomplished through the Cashier section. You just select your preferred payment method and soon your money will be available to wager.

  3. What Information and Documents Do the Casinos Require from Me?

    When you want to register an online casino, you’ll be asked for some personal information in order for your account to be created. Logically, you will be asked to provide your name and surname. You will be asked for your street address, town and country of residence, postal code, email, telephone number and similar details. Besides the personal and contact info by which you will be identified, you will be asked to provide a user name and password that you will use to log into your profile. Most operators also need a security question for password retrieval in case you forget it in the future. As for documents, you will need those when you request your first withdrawal. They are a scanned ID and a utility bill proving your residence. This is done for security reasons – this way, the operator will know that you are who you claim you are.

  4. How is My Personal Information Protected by the Operators?

    How are our personal data protected online Reputable casinos go to great lengths to guarantee that your financial and personal information is kept fully confidential and secure at all times. They use security protocols that are standard for the online gaming industry, including SSL technology for data encryption ranging from 128 to 256 bit. This technology is the same as the one used by banks and other financial institutions where money transfers and financial transactions are involved. That way all your deposits and withdrawals are managed and executed in a secure way. Besides that, the billing platforms used for processing the transactions are the most advanced that you can find today. Here, you will find only reliable providers that have the reputation of being safe and secure.

  5. What Can I Do to Protect Myself Better?

    It is good to know that your financial details such as credit card numbers, passwords and usernames to e-wallet accounts are perfectly safe when you provide them in the casino cashier. As we mentioned above, all such data is encrypted using the latest protocols. They are usually stored on separate servers owned by professional companies that offer such services. So, essentially, all sensitive details you provide are secured from being hacked and used for various internet scams.

    How to create a strong password online However, online casinos are not the only agent responsible for the protection of your sensitive data. You also have to be careful when handling them. For example, be mindful from where you log into your casino account. Try not to do that from a public computer, and if you can’t help it, never auto-save your login details. Make sure you always log out when you leave the PC. No matter whose device you use, always check if there is an anti-virus and anti-spyware program installed or a firewall. Hackers usually get into people’s PCs through viruses and spyware. One more thing, remember to use strong and longer passwords with numeric characters in them, instead of the generic 12345-something ones.

  6. How Do I Make a Deposit for the First Time?

    Before you make a deposit, you need to find if the casino offers the payment options that are suitable for you, such as PayPal, for instance. You should also see the minimum deposit required and the upper limit. While you’re at it, check the minimum withdrawal allowed, as well. If these limits don’t suit you, maybe there’s some other online casino with more favourable terms. When you log into your account, the first thing is to look for the “Deposit” or “Cashier” button. Once there, you select the method you want to use and specify the amount you want to invest. Irrespective of the method, your account will be funded immediately. Withdrawals, on the other hand, take time to be processed and to become available.

  7. How Do I Claim a Casino Bonus?

    How do you get a starting gift in an online casinoCasino bonuses can be received for various reasons and in different ways. In most cases, they are given away automatically when you deposit. The most common type, which is also the most sought after bonus, is the welcome offer, though it’s one-time only. This bonus is fairly easy to get. Every new customer is entitled to it. If it is a no-deposit gift, then you only need to open an account. When it is a first-deposit offer, then you have to walk the extra mile and invest your own money to get it. Other frequent bonuses that you will get are the reload bonuses, credited for later deposits.

    All such bonuses are given to you either automatically, or by a certain routine procedure, such as selecting it manually in the cashier or entering some bonus code when making the deposit. In most cases you don’t need to do anything yourself in order to claim a bonus. You just put some money into your account and maybe enter a code, and you will receive the free funds. However, every operator is different, and some may have their unique ways of redeeming bonuses. It is always best to contact customer support and ask for detailed explanation about what to do in order to get a bonus offered as a promotion.

  8. Are There Any Special Requirements Related to the Bonuses?

    There are. It would be illogical if it was any other way. Something should stop players from fake signing up just to get the free cash and withdraw their money right away without wagering a single cent. As you have most probably guessed, the special requirements are related to withdrawing the bonus money and the winnings generated from them. These are the so-called “wagering requirements” that can be found in the bonus terms and conditions. They specify how much you need to wager in which games before you can withdraw anything. When you select a particular bonus amount (if such selection is possible), it is always wise to first read the terms and see these and other special requirements, such as whether the bonus is cashable, how much you need to deposit to get it, etc.

  9. How Can I Deactivate My Account in an Online Casino?

    Online operators give their members the option to self-exclude from the website by deactivating their casino accounts. This is usually wise in cases when your gaming routines interfere with your personal and professional life and in cases when you feel that you are beginning to develop a gambling problem. The deactivation of your casino profile can be done manually by yourself through accessing “My Account” where your details and options are. You can also do that by a direct request to the customer support representatives. When you make such a request, they will ask you about the reason, but nevertheless they will never refuse to deactivate it for you. Every reputable online casino has a policy regarding responsible gambling and the self-exclusion option is always part of that.